Programme Objectives

Loosely based on the TV series, The Apprentice, Community-Apprentice is an inter-school competition which requires young people to develop, and crucially demonstrate, the competencies most valued by employers.

There are two crucial differences: firstly teams of young people compete to make the biggest difference to their community, rather than profit; secondly, participants can only compete, and win, as a team. Because of this emphasis, Lord Sugar’s role is played by a local leader who can legitimately say that they are searching for a team to help them with their task to improve the quality of life in their city.


All activities in the ten-month programme are designed and facilitated to deliver three clearly defined outcomes: inner confidence (or self-efficacy), outer, or social, confidence and leadership/employability skills (grit, creativity, teamwork and communication). 

We achieve this through a structured combination of challenge and support.

By the end of the programme, young people will have: 

  • developed their communication, determination, teamwork, and creative skills through planning and delivering youth-led social action projects that tackle a local issue they feel passionately about 
  • built their inner and social confidence and a civic-minded attitude through making an impact in their local community
  • demonstrated their ability to use a range of essential skills in various contexts and reflected on the process with their mentors 
  • gained valuable professional experience through a range of interactions with various stakeholders, showcasing their ability to receive, reflect and respond to feedback. 


By the end of the programme, business mentors will have:

  • supported young people to develop key employability skills, gain an insight into the world of work, and have provided meaningful feedbackincluding a written reference, through multiple engagements 
  • made a difference to the lives of young people by supporting them to tackle a local issue they feel passionately about and have demonstrated their own dedication to local change.