Embedding Reflection

Community-Apprentice students develop some of the most critical skills for employment and adulthood, as evidenced by a randomised control trial commissioned by the Cabinet Office.

We support our students to reflect on their development to help them become 'consciously competent'.

Each of our Community-Apprentices has a personal skills passport in which they collect feedback throughout the programme from their peers and coaches, as well as noting reflections on their own behaviour.

From the get-go participants are incentivised to participate in these sessions as the evidence is used in the final Boardroom Challenge (click here to find out more about the Community-Apprentice Challenges).

Those who sustain their commitment are rewarded with a one-to-one session with a corporate coach to produce a ‘competency reference’ providing genuine examples of skills they've developed from the programme. Young people can then refer to this document when completing a university or job application.



Finally, our students have an opportunity to practise articulating their skills verbally in a large-scale speed interviewing event. In doing so, they learn to understand what qualities are valued by employers, and how they can draw on experiences outside the classroom to illustrate these attributes.