Coaching and Mentoring

On the Community-Apprentice programme activity is youth-led: young people decide what they want to do and how they want to do it. The role of our coaches and mentors is to harness young people's enthusiasm for their cause to enable them to develop their confidence and skills.

Every team (of 12 young people) meets once a week with their Envision coach who helps them to develop the skills they need to come up with their own ideas, solve their own problems and get stuff done.

As the following film shows our coaches land the learning by helping participants to reflect on their successes and failures. Participants are incentivised to participate in these explorations from the get-go because they are aware that the competition requires them to evidence their learning in the final Boardroom Challenge.

Every team is also partnered with a local business which provides them with mentors to offer advice and support. We facilitate four sessions with these volunteers in their workplace.

Research evidences that young adults who have four or more meaningful employer engagements whilst at school are significantly less likely to be NEET (not in education, employment or training) and can expect when in full time employment to earn up to 18% more than peers who had no work place exposure.

Every young person graduates from the programme with a ‘competency reference’ drafted for them by their business mentors. Business mentors are well placed to help in this way as they are aware of the language and examples (drawn from the programme) most likely to impress a prospective employer.  Most of us find it difficult to promote ourselves; it's a huge confidence boost for young people to see themselves described so well in these references.