Youth Travel Ambassadors

Transport for London


A competitive tender to design and deliver a campaign for Transport for London (TFL) to promote active, safer and more responsible travel for young people, in line with the Mayor of London’s strategic travel objectives.


We designed and delivered a pupil-led approach to empower young people to make a positive impact on their schools and local community in terms of travel and leaving a legacy of successful engagement in travel initiatives. Moreover, the participative approach was facilitated to enable young people to develop skills and experience which offered long term benefits to their employability while raising the profile of career paths within TfL and the transport industry.

In the first year we worked with five schools, identified by TFL, to engage 47 young people to become Young Travel Ambassadors. We supported them to design and deliver youth-led projects to achieve campaign objectives, whilst enhancing effective outcomes by facilitating the engagement of stakeholders, such as the wider school, the local community, the local authority and TfL.


In the first year of the project, 90% of participants reported improved understanding of sustainable travel, road safety and safety on public transport; 83% were more positive about walking, 68% about cycling, 97%, about using public transport and 97% about staying safe on the road.  97% report improved awareness of transport careers and 85% increased interest in transport careers.

The six projects delivered by the ambassadors, which included a range of activities such as assemblies, workshops, community outreach, website, poster and an app reached an audience of 1,290 people.

TfL were impressed with the pilot and decided to run a second phase, which we have again won through a competitive tender. This phase will double the number of Youth Travel Ambassadors by continuing to support new and on-going projects in existing schools and extending the initiative to a further five schools. We are also supporting work towards a pan-London roll out of the scheme in future by developing a series of toolkits for young people and organisers as well as introducing an inter-school competition.

A key reason for our selecting Envision was their expertise and track record in youth engagement. They have proved able to get the results we need, whilst making it sufficiently fun to engage young people.

Ross Butcher, TFL, Education and Training Project Manager, Behaviour Change Programmes

In Numbers

Youth Travel Ambassadors took the TFL message to nearly 1,300 of their peers.

Client Benefit

Engagement of target audience in transport campaigns.