MAT Partnership Programme

Envision’s core work is targeted at young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who are in need of additional development to opportunities.  We are, however, keen to share our learning and resources to enable more young people to benefit.  This is why we have developed a new delivery model which enables Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) to deliver the Community-Apprentice programme themselves.  This version offers a whole-school approach and can be adapted to reflect the needs of the MAT.



The Co-op Multi-Academy Trust wanted a programme which would:

  • provide a vehicle for schools across the trust to work together on a common project

  • develop their core values of ‘caring for others’ and ‘working together’

  • demonstrate their commitment to pupil voice



The model is based on our current Key Stage 5 programme:

  • We are providing the Community-Apprentice brand and the competition mechanic.  We organise and run three cross-school events: a one-day launch, the Pitching Challenge and the Final. The leadership team (around 12 young people) from each school attend these events. These events provide a sense of competition and help young people keep their projects on track. Teams must have formulated their plans to be ready to present them at the Pitching Challenge and completed them to share their achievements at the Final.

  • We have adapted the competition to challenge school councils to see how many pupils in their school they could engage in a social action project designed and lead by them.  This has enabled the project to become school wide, helping to embed the values of working together and caring for others.

  • In each school a lead teacher is supporting their team of young leaders.  Whilst we have made resources available to support sessions, most teachers want the freedom to be creative and shape their own sessions. We offer this freedom, but require all teachers to guide activity towards the same development outcomes. We have achieved this by gaining school's input to a common set of skills challenges similar to those we use in the core Envision programme. As part of the competition, teams must complete as many challenges as possible.  



In the first year six schools participated in the programme. In most cases the project was led by a school council but in two cases this was given to other groups  - in one case a LGTB group and another a team with special educational needs.

  • The issues they tackled were based on research and student feedback within their schools and included period poverty, mental health, LGBTQ+ rights, climate change and inter-generational loneliness.

  • Between them they engaged 4,000 of their peers in social action contributing to outcomes such as planting over 400 trees, giving away 3,000 sanitary products to students, hosting the very first Pride Day within the Co-op Academies Trust, establishing an LGBTQ+ safe space for students and connecting 50 students with local elderly residents through a pen pal scheme.

  • 76% of students made new friends and became better friends as a result of the project.  91% feel motivated to take action to tackle social problems in the future and 90% feel part of a school community that values their contribution.

The Co-op Multi Academy Trust have been impressed with the results achieved and this year are extending the programme from six to eleven academies.