Programme Objectives

Community-Apprentice is, as the name suggests, a practical learning experience for young people.

It is delivered by organisations and volunteers drawn from the local community - schools, businesses and local charities, brought together by Envision. They invest in young people. In return young people invest their time back in the community.

All activities in the 13-week programme are designed and facilitated to develop self efficacy, social confidence and an ability to work with others.

We achieve this through a structured combination of challenge and support.

By the end of the programme, young people will have:

  • developed communication, determination, and teamwork skills through youth-led social action projects to support a local charity
  • built their confidence through interacting with a range of audiences, and overcoming difficulties to achieve their goals
  • raised their aspirations and gained an insight into the world of work through meaningful encounters with business mentors.


By the end of the programme, business mentors will have:

  • supported young people to develop their employability skills and social confidence, and gain an insight into the world of work through mentoring and meaningful engagement
  • made a difference to the lives of young people and their communities by raising money and awareness for a local charity.