Community-Apprentice is, as the name suggests, a practical learning experience for young people.

It is delivered by organisations and volunteers drawn from the local community - schools, businesses and local charities, brought together by Envision. They invest in young people. In return young people invest their time back in the community.

All activities in the 13-week programme are designed and facilitated to develop self efficacy, social confidence and an ability to work with others.

We achieve this through a structured combination of challenge and support.


Three cross-school challenges motivate teams using competition. These team challenges are designed to build participants' confidence and enable them to practice the skills they have learned, for example working as a team against the clock or presenting in front of a large audience. They also provide milestones by which certain activity needs to be completed which helps to keep teams motivated and on track.

Young people also earn points for their team towards the overarching competition by completing personal skills challenges. These challenges require them to demonstrate that they have developed each of the skills in our syllabus.


Activity is young people-led: they decide which charity they want to support and what they will do to raise funds and awareness. Our role is to harness their enthusiasm for their cause to enable them to develop their confidence and skills.

Every team (of 13 young people) meets once a week with their Envision Coach who helps them to work together to come up with their own ideas, solve their own problems and get stuff done.

Every team is partnered with a local business which provides them with mentors to offer advice and support. We facilitate four sessions with these volunteers, mainly in their workplace, to enable them to support young people to develop their confidence and skills at crucial points in the programme as shown below.