Cross-school Challenges

Three exciting cross-school challenges provide milestones to keep teams motivated and on track: 

  1. The first challenge starts to build confidence in a familiar environment.  The Awareness-Raising Challenge requires young people, who don't know each other, to come together as a team to promote their chosen charity in their school. We challenge and support them to come up with a creative idea and work against the clock to make it happen. Teams often choose causes affecting young people and they make fantastic peer educators helping their charitites communicate key messages on topics such as mental health and knife crime.

  1. For the Fundraising Challenge we partner each team with a local business which gives them the opportunity to raise funds in their workplace. This challenge is designed to build participants' social confidence and communication skills. Teams have to prepare a formal presentation about their charity and initiate conversations with individuals during a fundraising activity. The young people take responsibility for coming up with the ideas for this activity which they must organise themselves.

  1. We bring teams together to share their achievements at our final Pitching Challenge. Each team gives a formal presentation about why their charity matters to them, what they have done to make a difference and how they have developed themselves. Judges give points for their presentaion which is added to other criteria, such as the number of personal skills challenges completed by each team. The winners get a further donation for their charity. All teams feel good about themselves when they present huge 'cheques' for the money they have raised to their charitites who, needless to say, make a big fuss of them.