Its why we do it . . . .
  1. We enable young people, primarily from disadvantaged backgrounds, to develop competencies critical for them to succeed in work and life.

The Cabinet Office commissioned the Behavioural Insights Team at NESTA to conduct a randomised control trial on the Community-Apprentice programme.

This independent research provides “compelling and robust evidence that young people who take part in the programme develop some of the most critical skills for employment and adulthood". For example, students that participated on the programme showed an 11% increase in empathy, an 11% increase in co-operation, a 7% increase in grit and resilience, a 6% increase in problem solving compared to a rigorously selected control group. The research also concluded that participants in the programme showed an 11% improvement in attitudes towards their education.


Young people complete self assessment scenarios regarding their competencies (using scenario based examples) at the start, midpoint and end of the programme.

Of the young people who completed the programme last year:

  • 91% believe that they are better leaders

  • 98% say that they have stronger communication skills

  • 97% say they are better at collaborating with others and contributing to a team effort

  • 91% claim to be better at seeing things from other people’s point of view

  • 96% feel that they have become better problem solvers

  • 94% say that they are more organised

Young people also reflect on why they have scored themselves as they have in their skills passports.  This document is also used to record feedback from their team mates, coaches and mentors during the project.


  1. We enable young people to understand the relevance of these skills to the world of work and evidence that they possess them to potential employers
  • 94% say that they have a better understanding of the competencies valued by employers,

  • 91% say that they were more able to talk about these competencies,

  • 98% said that they would include details about their development through the programme in their UCAS form or in applications for jobs and apprenticeships,

  • 87% claim to be more confident about gaining employment following their engagement.

Every young person who completes the programme is rewarded with a reference evidencing competencies through specific examples of rlevant behaviours demonstrated whilst developing and implementing their projects.


  1. We inspire and enable young people to apply these competencies to solving social problems and building a better world for everyone.

We enable young people to develop a greater understanding of social problems and discover their power to create change by giving them a positive experience of doing so.  You can read listen to young people describe some of their M.A.D.moments the moment they recognised that they can make a difference , by clicking on the video box on our home page.

Of those young people who completed the programme last year:

  • 94% of participants claim to have a better understanding of social and environmental issues

  • 96% believe that they made a real difference to others as a result of their project,

  • 98% think that they will be more able to make a difference to social problems in the future and 95% feel more motivated to do so.

Our randomised control trial showed that young people who participated in the programme showed a 17% increase in their propensity to volunteer after the programme compared to the control group.