Quality principles

Working through Generation Change with the national social action campaign Step up to Serve, we have identify six clear quality principles underpinning impact.  Here’s a summary of how we apply them ourselves:

1. Youth-led: 

  • We support young people to tackle the issues that matter most to them. They decide what they want to change and how they want to do it. They assign roles and hold each other to account to get their team working effectively.

2. Reflective:

  • Because young people know that they are going to have to evidence their development in the boardroom, they are incentivised to reflect on their learning from the get-go.

  • Trained volunteers help them reflect on their experiences throughout the process capturing thoughts and feedback at key points as and when learning happens.  Thisis all recorded in individual’s skills passports.

  • By engaging employee volunteers we are also able to ensure that young people reflect on how what they are learning is relevant to the work of work as well as making their projects successful.

3. Challenging: 

  • We challenge young people to tackle an issue of their choice in whatever way they want to do it. They often find this difficiult because at school they are more used to being told what to do.

  • Because the programme stretches over a period of nine months, young people have ups and downs and have to develop problem solving skills and resilience.

  • Stretch is also encouraged through the competitive element of the programme. The programme has been designed to provide competition both within and between schools.

4. Socially impactful:  

  • Trained staff and adult volunteers coach young people to clarify their goals, plan how to achieve them and tackle problems on the way. This means we support young people to have the biggest social impact they can, whilst retaining ownership for their project.

  • The Community Apprentice competition is all about finding the team who can make the biggest impact and young people are asked to evidence this in the final boardroom.

5. Embedded:

  • We are making social action a norm by going to young people; reaching them through their schools. This makes it is easy for them to get involved and for us to attract young people who do not usually volunteer.

6. Progressive:

  • Graduates can join our alumni society which signposts young people to further opportunities, for example it has a very active Face book through which we promote opportunities with other organisations, including Generation Change partners. 

  • Some of our corporate partners provide progression into work experinece or their own training programmes.