Envision syllabus

Countless reports by business bodies and employers identify competencies that are believed to be critical for employability.  We have used four of these which appear most frequently as the basis for our syllabus.


  1. Collaboration: the ability to identify common interests, to compromise, and work effectively with others as part of a team.
  2. Organisation: the ability to plan the work and work the plan in order to use resources effectively to get things done efficiently and on schedule.
  3. Communication: the ability to explain things clearly and simply in a way that be can easily understood and to tailor ones’ messages for different audiences.
  4. Problem Solving: the ability to think creatively, identify options and appraise them to come up with the best solution.


These skills are not however the most essential for being an effective change maker.  This is why we have included an essential fifth skill in our syllabus, one that interestingly employers are also showing increased interest in:

  1. empathy: the ability to see something from another person’s point of view

Enterprise projects are good for developing the first four skills, but community projects are particularly effective in developing the fifth skill because they bring young people into contact with such a wide range of people with backgrounds very different from themselves, from lawyers to homeless people.