How we do it

Putting the purpose into activity . . .

We believe that personal qualities are best developed through practical experiences.  But for practical experiences to develop specific qualities, they need to be appropriately designed and facilitated.  

As this film demonstrates we use reflection to ensure that we ‘land the learning’ from young people’s experiences.  Reflection is one of six quality principles which we rigorously apply to programme design and facilitation. Our CEO, Jennie Butterworth, is one of the founding members, and now a trustee, of Generation Change.  This consortia of 19 youth social action organisations, such as the Scouts and City Year, are committed to sharing expertise and learning what works in providing impactful youth social action.  We have identified six principles through a collaborative approach and we are now working with Dartington Research Centre to develop them into a quality framework.

Our approach is also based on evidence of what works in terms of effective employer engagement in schools.  We have developed eight opportunities for employer engagement within the programme and our rationale for this is based upon rigorous research by Dr Anthony Mann, Director of Research and Policy at the Education and Employers Taskforce, which evidences the significance of work place exposure and meaningful engagement with eployers.

The report, It's who you meet, shows that young adults who have greater levels of contact with employers whilst at school are significantly less likely to be NEET and can expect when in full time employment to earn up to 18% more than peers who had no work place exposure.

It is because we have based our approach on such principles, that we have been able to develop an evidence based programme proven to deliver outcomes for young people and society.