2016 Grad - Louis

Louis graduated from Envision in Bristol in 2016   -  By Alice Young

Personally I think I got a lot out of doing Envision; it definitely helped with getting my apprenticeship. 

Envision Project 

Louis’ team were passionate about tackling the stigma surrounding mental health illness amongst young people as many of them people who had been affected by the issue. In order to effectively reach their audience the team collaborated with local mental health charity, Off the Record, to create a film highlighting the positive ways young people can improve their own mental health. The film was used as a resource shown in secondary schools across the city and presented by the team to all the tutor groups in their own school. The team received really positive feedback from their teachers who saw the impact the film made upon the students.

Doing Now

Louis is on an apprenticeship with the Civil Service and is hoping to carry on making a difference in his community by volunteering at a soup kitchen over Christmas to help the homeless. 

What did you get out of Envision? 

“Personally I think I got a lot out of doing Envision; it definitely definitely helped with getting my apprenticeship. Because we had actually done a project to help other people I felt like I had achieved something, especially when we got our references from the business mentors. It was really nice to get a written response about what someone thought about you. It was a great feeling to know that I had given off a good first impression, that really boosted my confidence going into job interviews.

I had two interviews for apprenticeships after the Community Apprentice, I used the reference in both of them and my Envision experience gave me a lot to talk about in the interviews. Envision also gave me the skills and confidence I needed to communicate with a new group of people in the workplace when I started my apprenticeship.