2013 Grad - Stella

Stella was involved with our Birmingham programme whilst at sixth form   -  By Eleanor Lloyd

Envision is more than just for your CV, you get to see others smile because of what you’ve done for them.

Envision project

Stella’s team raised awareness of child abuse, a topic that is not often openly talked about, to help other young people learn about recognising abuse and the organisations that offer support. The team wrote and recorded a song and music video to spread their message and encourage young people affected to report abuse.

Stella was also part of the team of Grads in Birmingham who put on Break the Chain; an event for the public to explore and debate the issue of human trafficking.

Envision memory

The biggest moment that built my confidence was when I won the ‘Student of the Year’ award – I wasn’t expecting it at all. I remember the moment they said my name and my friends just screamed, I was like ‘what me, are you sure?’ I was totally shocked.

What are you doing now?

Stella is in her third year at University studying Music Industry Management and working to develop her music and herself as an artist to begin her music career when she graduates.

What did you get out of Envision?

My confidence grew so much from being a part of Envision, especially when I had the opportunity to perform in front of 80 people to send a message about modern slavery – that was really powerful; it was a privilege! Envision organised for me to go to a recording studio to record our song, I’d never been in one before and for me that was the moment that made me want to do music as a career.

I also learned how to communicate through different mediums; I learnt how to tell a story through a song to make an impact on the audience. We dealt with really sensitive topics and had to present it in a sensitive way but still get the message across – this was a really good skill I gained from doing the project.

Envision has really taught me to not just do things for myself but do things for other people who might be in more need.  Young people go to school and get a certain experience but Envision gives you a completely different experience – it’s a big eye opener, it’s more than just for your CV, you get to see others smile because of what you’ve done for them.