2013 Grad - Shaheen

Shaheen took part in the Envision programme in Birmingham   -  By Eleanor Lloyd

Envision made me realise how fortunate I am and that what I want to do with my life is to make a change and help others 

Envision Project

Shaheen’s team ‘Voice of the Homeless’ wanted to raise awareness of the growing issue of homelessness in Birmingham, they were particularly concerned about the high levels of prejudice members of the public held towards the homeless. They visited local shelters to interview the staff and people who had experiences of being homeless. They also went out into the community to interview members of the public and police force about the issue to create this educational film which they shared offline and online.

Envision memory

We volunteered at the shelter we did our project with and that was really interesting, we spent time with the people who were homeless – sadly we found out that these people are not always treated like human beings, this experience made me realise that we all need to help each other out.

What are you doing now?

After finishing her A-levels Shaheen volunteered for a year with City Year, supporting students from disadvantaged communities to enjoy and succeed at school, followed by a volunteering placement supporting children with special education needs in schools in Africa. She is now studying Learning Disability Nursing at University and is passionate about making a change and challenging the stigma that people with learning disabilities face.

What did you get out of Envision?

Envision has led me to where I am now. The whole experience was a real eye opener for me; it helped me to become more aware of what was going on around me in day-to-day life. It made me realise how fortunate I am and that what I want to do with my life is to make a change and help others.

When I had the interview for City Year I was able to really sell myself because I learnt so much at Envision. I was able to give a lot of examples of the skills I had and how I could apply these at City Year, such as we overcame challenges to finish our project and also how I had worked in a team, communicating with other people to achieve the best outcome.

The experience of public speaking really built my confidence in communicating with people – this is important now as I am learning  to adapt my communication to suit the people I support who have learning disabilities.