2013 Grad - Chloe Mcfarlane

‘Self-satisfaction and helping the community’. Chloe McFarlane, Envision graduate, talks about Envision and where she is now.   -  By James Lewis

I feel more resilient, I’m better prepared to adapt to different challenges. 

Envision Project

Chloe’s South London based Envision team addressed the issue of anti-sociable behaviour, focusing on the issue of vandalism. As part of their project they promoted legal street art, highlighting how graffiti can be transformed into something positive. The team ran fun and interactive classes to help educate the young people at their school. Chloe’s team went on to reach out into the community, fundraising for a local youth centre to help improve the services available for young people.

Envision Memory

Raising money for the youth centre. There was one lunch time where we ran a bake sale. It was so busy. The team worked together so well! We even managed to organise deliveries to different staff rooms around the school. By delegating different tasks to the team, we came up with a process for ordering boxes, putting them together and delivering them, all in a such a short space of time. So, in 40 minutes we raised over £100. It felt amazing to see our hard work pay off. 

Doing now

Chloe graduated from University of Hertfordshire in the summer of 2017 and is now interning with Groundwork, an environmental regeneration charity. Her experience of Envision has inspired her to continue making a difference. She sits on a number of youth panels including, including an advisory role for Groundwork and A New Direction.  She wants to study a MSc in Sustainable Urbanism at UCL. She sees herself building a career revolving around supporting community driven regeneration 

What did you get out of Envision

Envision took me out of my comfort zone. It enhanced me as a person, I’m more willing to take risks. I feel more resilient, I’m better prepared to adapt to different challenges.