2011 Grad - Mazhar

Mazhar was part of our cohort back in 2010-2011 - the first year of Envision in Bristol   -  By Eleanor Lloyd

Envision is important because it is propelling in nature – it gave me confidence. 

Envision Project 

The team focused on health with their project and their impact was two-fold; running a community gig that raised over £500 for Cancer Research UK and Christian Aid as well as producing a short film to raise awareness about the risks of HIV transmission in the UK. 

After leaving school, Mazhar spent some time as an Envision Coach supporting a group of students as he himself had been supported.


Envision Memory

When I was working as a Coach, the team I was supporting wanted to organise a fundraiser at their school. As the event drew closer, the team encountered multiple issues that threatened the success of the event. My Envision Memory is the moment I walked into the auditorium on the day and, despite all of the problems, saw that all the seats were filled with attendees. It was this sight which for me encapsulated how Envision can empower students to make a difference and become great problem-solvers.

Doing Now

Mazhar is in his third year of a Computer Science degree and is hoping to move onto a post-graduate degree next year. Mazhar is passionate about using technology to help others and has already worked on the development of an app to improve mental health and is interested in sustainable energy and prosthetic limbs.

What did you get out of Envision? 

Envision has had a lifelong impact on me - it built the foundation for a set of values and beliefs around the importance of being involved in your local community and the wider global community. It helped me to become socially aware of the issues going on around me and to understand that no matter what your circumstances, there is some way of helping to address those issues.

It  gave me the confidence in my ability to achieve, help others and share my knowledge. This confidence left me with the idea that I can now grab any opportunity and step out of my comfort zone. For instance, I went to Canada for my second year at University – I applied because of the confidence in myself I got from Envision. 

Envision also opened up new networks and opportunities for me. As a Grad I got involved in projects like the Young Arnolfini and helped to set-up the Young People’s Festival of Ideas. I also worked for Envision for six months which gave me the skills I needed to get my next job as a tutor for Explore Learning. This experience meant that when I was at work during my year in industry for my degree I naturally felt up to the challenge and understood my role within the team. 

Whilst performing at an Envision event I was introduced to a professional who arranged for me to have a session in the studio to record my tracks – I would not have got this opportunity without Envision. Envision is important because it is propelling in nature – it gave me confidence and also, at times, a distraction from home life as I felt part of the Envision community.