2009 Grad - Mita

Graduated from Envision in London 2009.   -  By Richie Benson

What I really liked about Envision was the way that they really believed in you, even though I didn’t have that self-belief!

Envision project

Selling Fairtrade products around her school and raising awareness.  Mita also did an Envision internship working for Envision for a year as a project co-ordinator facilitating groups in schools. 

Envision memory

At the end of the sixth form project we attended a celebration event where we met other amazing young people from other schools who had been involved in Envision projects. I remember meeting a guy who had organised this big music event to help tackle postcode rivalry in his area.  I thought it sounded really amazing, then I realised he was just like me; we both had the skills to do it, which made me feel like I could do more.  From then on really, I've been encouraged to volunteer and take charge on issues that I cared about.


Doing now

Working for NCS (National Citizens' Service) writing their youth social action curriculum.

What did you get out of Envision?

Envision is one of the few places where you can get the confidence and skills to turn your ideas into something real. You also have a real chance of failure, which I think is really important to the learning process. Envision gave me the skills to manage my own time and make my own deadlines and targets, which is a really useful skill in work. In work you're not given an exam paper, you're given a project and asked to use your creativity to come out with an outcome where you define what success looks like and you implement your own strategies to achieve that.

Often in society it's not what you know, it's who you know that makes you successful. Doing Envision can help with that by giving you lots of networking opportunities. Because of my Envision experience I found it easy to get jobs and to network. I was able to apply for the trustee board of the British Youth Council while I was at university and I then became chair, which is something I would never have done before Envision. I was quite shy and just followed rules.  I never really took action, but as a result of Envision I realised just how much I could do and I surpassed my own expectations.  Since then I’ve never let fear get in the way of what I can do. I think that's particularly relevant for ethnic minorities and women who have the skills to do a job, but often don't perceive themselves as capable.