2005 Grad - Daniel

Dan graduated from Envision in London in 2005   -  By Alice Young

Our Envision mentor would talk to us like adults about environmental and global justice issues which, along with doing our project, really transformed what I was interested in!

Envision Project 

Daniel’s team wanted to fill the gap in awareness of environmental issues amongst their peers. They did this in many different ways including running a fundraising ‘Bus Hop’ challenge, to encourage people to chose more ‘environmentally friendly’ transport. As well as raising funds and awareness the team wanted to leave a legacy so they used the money raised to help the charity Trees 4 Cities to fund a regeneration project in the Mile End area, where they volunteered to plant trees in a public park. 

Doing Now

Daniel is the Head of EU and International for the Government Digital Service. Previous to this role he worked on low-carbon policies and international forestry, represented the UK at the UN forum on forests and acted as Deputy Ambassador for the British Embassy in Latvia. 

What did you get out of Envision?

I felt I got a huge amount out of Envision in terms of personal development. A lot of my Personal Statement for University talked about the skills I learnt from doing Envision, such as project management, negotiating and influencing and the ability to envisage a goal then build a plan to reach it - all of which were relevant for my course in Geology and Law. Envision also had a big impact on my outlook; my Envision mentor would  talk to my team like adults about environmental and global justice issues which, along with our project, really transformed what I was interested in. I ended up doing a lot more campaigning and at University spent a lot of my time on the Environment and Ethics Committee and the Student’s Union Committee.  

I was inspired by what I gained from doing Envision to become a mentor myself for two years whilst at University helping students to complete a carbon audit on their school and campaign for the school to make greener decisions. 

Learning about climate change, and the way the world responds to global issues, during my Envision project led me to seek opportunities to work in a related field with an international focus. I was therefore thrilled when after University I got a place on the Civil Service Graduate Scheme in the Department of Environment and Climate Change. I have often used examples from my time volunteering at Envision during job interviews especially when questioned about areas I had no formal work experience.