A little bit about us

From humble beginnings in a garden shed, the London team has grown consistently over the past 12 years and we are currently working with 56 schools across the capital.  

We are bringing young people together with volunteers and other organisations to enable them to improve the quality of life in the capital. Through collaboration with grass root organisations young people are building lasting networks in their communities and bringing a young fresh approach to local issues.

Over the years we’ve seen some interesting changes in the issues which concern young people in London.  From educating their peers to the dangers of gang culture in response to the rise in knife crime to 2009 to challenging the negative stereotypes of young people in the aftermath of the summer riots; young people are stepping up to address the issues at the heart of their communities. 

Through our consultancy services we are also working with partners to engage young people in peer education programmes on issues relevant to London Life.  For example, we’re currently working with Transport for London to enable young people to design campaigns to promote active, safer and more responsible travel in the capital.

The biggest concern for any young people is unemployment. That’s why we are working with companies throughout the capital to harness the potential of our social action programmes to enable young people to develop and demonstrate competencies necessary for enterprise and employability. You can find out how our corporate partnership programmes not only help young people build skills for employment but also build coaching and facilitation skills for employees.