Hunger makes for the best revolutionaries

By Alba M. Disla   -  24 September 2014

At a Student Diversity Leadership Conference, I had the amazing opportunity to hear slam poet and LGBTQ+ rights activist StaceyAnn Chin speak and recite some of her poems.

Surprisingly, one of the quotes that stood out most to me was one she made up on the spot. The event took place early in the morning before we had had the chance to eat breakfast. Somebody from the audience made a comment about being hungry, and her response was one I would remember for months and months to come.

She said,

“You’re hungry, are you? You know what I think? Hunger makes for the best revolutionaries.” 

Almost immediately, I saw subtle smiles and nodding heads concurring with this simple, yet resonating statement. It lit the fire in our (empty) bellies and there was a palpable buzz in the room.

This quote always reminds me that even when my efforts appear futile in any facet of social activism, I have to be hungry to keep me going and fight for what I believe is right.