Ever had Tea with Strangers?

TEDxTeen talk inspires us to go Offline   -  By Tim Knappett   -  11 December 2015

I saw this talk live at TEDxTeen in London's O2 Arena. It really stuck with me as a simple idea that turned into a movement to bring people together. During a break at the event, we were given the chance to have some tea with strangers. It was fun, stimulating and validated everything Ankit had said in the talk - move away from our screens once in a while and we can start to make real connections with people again. And what better way to do it than through drinking tea?

Watch the talk here: http://tedxteen.com/talks/tedxteen-2014-london/249-bringing-community-ba...

Visit the website for more info here: http://www.teawithstrangers.com/