Sonia Green, Head of Sixth Form, Petchey Academy

By Jennie Butterworth   -  20 April 2017

Envision is more than just a stop gap for a Wednesday afternoon activity for sixth form students. It is a true Enhanced programme that enriches the lives of our young people.

We are lucky to have worked with Envision for 4 years now and it has grown year on year with our 2016/7 cohort students delivering a project on knife crime to over 500 students across the 9 months.

Students have developed employability skills through a series of professionally led, inspiring events including the Pitch challenge at a Law firm in the city and the graduation event at City Hall. I have seen some of our shyest students benefit the most with many of the 25 students applying for positions on the Student Leadership team in June which I would not have seen as possible in September when they first moved from Year 11 into 12.

An excellent example of the wider impact of the programme was highlighted when some of the Envision students were recently presenting at an event at Bloomberg’s head offices (nothing to do with Envision). After the presentation a Bloomberg employee congratulated our students on their presentation skills. When explaining this was down to the Envision programme the employee told the students that she too was an Envision graduate from many years ago. It was inspiring for our students to see the fruits of being part of such an invaluable Enhanced programme.