#elvesreunited in Birmingham

By Damian Chapman   -  11 December 2014

How do you spread festive cheer and get influential people to join your campaign? Why send in the elves of course! Rob Bloxham and the gang at Orb in Birmingham decided to get the greatest and the good from across the City to an event, and needed a way to make it happen... and that's where Santa came in.

In their own words, "Carefully orchestrated from a Twitter account we set up and controlled from a rather sarcastic Santa Claus, we can now proudly reveal we were the silly creative folks behind #ElvesReunited.

The idea was quite simple (if a bit weird). We posted little elves to people around Birmingham with a name tag which read, “I’m a little lost elf. Please return me to Santa Claus” and the recipient was asked to tweet @ElvesReunited or email elvesreunited@gmail.com."

Sent around the city, all of a sudden (s)elfies started appearing on social media as people tried to reunite the elves.

In just six days, the campaign created over 25,000 organic impressions. On top of which,  over 100 emails were sent to Santa who replied as promptly as possible.

The Klout (measuring influence and impact) score went from 0 to 41 in just 10 days,

Despite an awful lot of people trying to probe for information (and a few correct guesses) the gang at Orb managed to keep it all a big secret right until their ‘big reveal’ at a top-secret party for the Elves and their people.

With so many networking events in December, the whole idea behind this elvish affair was to create enough mystery and intrigue to capture the attention of Birmingham’s business and media leaders while having a little fun.

We at Envision think this is an amazing campaign that follows the Envision GA(M)ME plan so well:

GOAL: Be seen as a fun and innovative marketing agency with a focus on becoming the memorable choice for businesses in Birmingham.

AUDIENCE: Business leaders, influencers, and decision makers across the city.

MESSAGE: We did this as a self-promotion. Just think about the creativity and successful campaigns we can bring to your brand, product, and company.

METHOD: A networking event that secures their interest and commitment to attend, and provides a platform to deliver our message. To achieve out goal, we will create an alternative christmas party that generates intrigue, exclusivity, and media attention.

EVALUATION: 50 elves sent out, 50 people attended, 25,000 people engaged in the campaign, 1 highly successful event held, X number of enquiries (we don't know this but guess it will be high).