Youth voice

Envision continues to create platforms for change

“Envision is helping us to learn about how to speak up about problems and that it’s okay to … start a conversation.”

This sound bite sums up a great interview with an Envision team on their local radio station. Following the #MeToo campaign, sexual harrassment has become a topical issue nationally and it is a particular issue in Bristol where it is now classed as a gender hate crime. Team Scratch That from Bristol’s Key Stage 5 programme appeared on the One Love Breakfast Show on local radio station BCfm at the beginning of January to discuss their chosen issue of call calling and street harassment.

As well as running a campaign in their school, the team have run a multi-faceted project including peer education workshops and the use of social media. By persuading actress and activist Jameela Jamil to promote their campaign they reached almost 350,000 of her followers.

The team are really keen to engage in discussion with their wider community and secured several media interviews. As is clear from the reaction of the middle-aged DJ from BCfm, there is a generational divide in attitudes to sexual harassment which this team are highly articulate in bridging.

The team will be running assemblies in all year groups of their secondary school to spread awareness about the issue and inform young people that they can report cat-calling as it is now classed as a gender hate crime by Avon and Somerset Police. Team Scratch That spoke of how Envision is developing their skills whilst also enabling them to become changemakers in their local community:

DJ: "We are very proud of what you're doing in Bristol, it's really, really important and I hope that people that are listening now are going to jump onboard and share their experiences... We need you to do what you're doing."