Young people centre stage

Partner Baringa Partners invited young people to inspire employees at their national conference

Corporate partner Baringa Partners took the initiative to create a stretching opportunity for young people to develop their confidence by inviting them to take centre stage at their national conference.


Adrian Bettridge, Managing Partner of Baringa Partners, was so impressed when he met an Envision team being mentored by volunteers at his company that he invited them to present at his next company’s next annual staff meeting. He said

the staff directly involved with Community-Apprentice have absolutely loved it and it was great for the wider company to see why.  These young people have an infectious idealism that’s genuine and energising. We loved them."


Daniel Agyei, one of the team members who rose to the challenge, said

we could have just talked about our project, but we decided to grasp this opportunity as part of our project to raise awareness about diversity issues because Baringa has over 500 staff.  We surveyed them before the presentation and then fed the headline findings back to them on the day.  With such a big audience it was quite daunting at first, but they seemed really interested in what we had to say."


Jennie Butterworth, Envision CEO, said 

Envision was founded to create opportunities for young people to have their voices heard on issues that matter most to them. Baringa has helped us achieve that in ways we could never do ourselves."