Young people act on gangs and violence

Envision has created opportunities for young people to take positive action as concern mounts in the areas we work in around gangs and violence.

Many teams on our Key Stage 4 junior programme have chosen to support Street Doctors, a charity that equips young people with immediate response training such as how to effectively call 999 and basic emergency first aid.

The knife crime epidemic is spreading out of the capital at an uncontrollable rate and in Birmingham there has been a serious escalation in knife crime. Team Swap a Knife for a Life from Ark Boulton Academy in Birmingham created this powerful film as part of their Awareness-Raising Challenge and in memory of those who have lost their lives to knife crime: 

Presenting to companies has given business people an opportunity to hear about gang culture first-hand, with many young people on our programmes able to name young people they know who have fallen victim to the violence.

There are many examples of knife crime prevention projects in our older years' Key Stage 5 programme, too. Below is an excerpt of a letter to our corporate partner by a volunteer which outlines the impact the mentoring session had on her.