Wise Up to Knife Crime

The Wise Up, Rise Up Envision team at the Glebe School paid a visit to the Ben Kinsella Trust exhibition in north London last week.

The team felt that knife crime and general crime in their local area was a big concern to them and they decided to raise awareness about the issue within their school and other special educational needs schools in their area. 

The Glebe School specialises in supporting students with a diverse range of special educational needs and Envision has been working with the students as part of Children4Change: a formal programme designed to help students with educational needs to explore different social issues in their area whilst developing a range of key skills that will support them during their transition to adult life.

The team decided to run a series of workshops and assemblies with other young people but wanted to seek advice from experts in the field first. They got in touch with the Ben Kinsella Trust who invited them to visit the exhibition. Last week they took a tour around the exhibition, learning all about Ben's life and the impact his death had had on friends and family.

The Trust Manager at the exhibition was really impressed with the Envision team and asked them to keep her updated with the projects progress and offered her support to their campaign.

The exhibition really made the team's learning experience come alive and they are now hugely motivated and passionate towards completing their project. They were able to meet different members of the community during their trip to the exhibition, increasing their confidence and communication skillls. Their workshops and campaign are well under way and they have just put an order in for 500 Oyster card holders...so watch this space!