When Life Gives You Lemons...

Last Saturday, 3 days after the first ‘UN International Day of Happiness’ the 'Check the Lemon' Envision team hit the cold streets of Bristol to ask one simple question: what makes you happy?

A bleary eyed start to the day, everyone was unsure of exactly what to expect and there was an air of slight apprehension as the team approached the first few people. But after some initial reluctance from passer-by's unwilling to stop the teams perservance began to pay off and the flood gates were open!

The enthusiasm of the team was hard to ignore and more and more people stopped to find out what was going on proving that happiness is contagious. Old and young, men and women joined in to write down one thing that made them happy.

After 6 hours on the street the team had met over 200 people collecting over 100 photos of people with the Lemon messages. Every participarnt recieved a handmade ‘kindness token’ with ideas for how to spread happiness and joy. 

The team received incredible feedback from the public including one man who told the students that chatting to them had 'made his day'.

All of the photos collected on the street will be added to the hundred others already posted in on their Facebook page www.facebook.com/CheckTheLemon. The group will be now be creating postcards featuring the best photos from the campaign which they they will distribute across the city to carry on sharing the happiness.

If you'd like to add your photo to the campaign you can download a 'lemon' from their facebook page. You can also find a whole host of ti[s, ideas and suggestions for how to stay happy and pass on a bit of happiness to others.