Want Work?

Envision team help students into employment

Last week the Envision team from St Martin-In-The-Field High School for Girls hosted an afternoon of  activities and talks at their school to help students improve their chances of snagging that dream job.

With young people facing an increasingly tough job market the Envision team were keen to focus their project on helping young people into employment. After a lot of research and time spent talking with potential employers the team began to formulate a plan for how they could help other young people get jobs.

They decided to host an event to help show people what businesses are looking for in applications and how to best represent themselves in CV and at interviews.

The team knew that to attract students to their event they needed to design it to be interactive and engaging, and it had to useful rather than tokenistic.

As students themselves they were also keen to tailor their workshop to address specific challenges that young people face. For example, how to prioritise their time to manage school commitments and work opportunities.

The event took place this week and was a huge success with students. Activities included interview strategy and role play interviews with Senior Private Banker from Societe Generale, Mark Dean, CV workshops and and finished with a game called The Elevator Pitch.

The team were determined that the event be as practically useful as possible and made sure that every student who attended the workshop left with at least on summer internship or apprenticeship to apply for.


Visting Societe Generale to learn about skills for employment and then taking that back to my year group gave me the confidence and skills to get through a tough interview myself. I knew how to answer questions, what questions to ask and I truly believe I got my job thanks to helping others with their interview skills.

Kamesha, Envision Team Member.


The team are now looking forward to seeing their efforts pay off as students secure internships and work placements.