Team "It's All About M.E" tackle Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Team of 6th Form students raise awareness and money for a misunderstood condition

A group of dedicated young people from King Edward VI Aston School for Boys are raising awareness of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in their community whilst riasing money for SALUS, a charity that provides support for sufferers.

This group of students have raised over £600 with a FIFA tournament in their school, a quiz in their local community and by bag-packing at a supermarket.

They chose this project because one member of the team has personal experience of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Despite the fact that 250,000 people are affected nationwide, the students found that very few people in their school had ever heard of it.

CFS / M.E. describes a range of illnesses that can cause persistant exhaustion that does not go away with sleep or rest. Other symptoms can include chronic muscle pain and inflammation of the brain and spinal chord.

The team have generated a strong online presence. They have created a website to raise awareness and attract donations. Their Facebook and Twitter feeds have gone a long way to inform their community about the issue.

They will soon be on Google AdWords to further promote the cause so follow them for updates!