Team Impressions tackle negative stereotypes of young people

Team of dedicated students shines a light on the truth about youth

A group of students from King Edward's Aston School for Boys are volunteering in the community, attending events, presenting assemblies and running interactive workshops with school children.

Their aim is to change negative perceptions of young people.

Team Impressions are concerned that the "bad news is good news" mentality of national media is hindering young people's development as active members of our communities.

Rather than looking at us at as the leaders of tomorrow, many of our elders look down on us as troublemakers and failures. Our sole aim is to change this impression of young people.

Team Impressions 

The team decided that something needed to change. They designed an interactive presentation about the dangers of antisocial behaviour, bad manners, and drugs - which they presented to schools in deprived areas of Birmingham. They held a campaign day in Birmingham city centre to publicise their project to hundreds of members of the public with leaflets they designed themselves. 

They worked with Changemakers "Pop-Up Talent" project to provide young people with alternative routes into employment, and ran a stall at the Thinktank at Millennium Point to publicise their campaign.

They are also volunteering with care homes across Birmingham, in order to show older generations that young people care about them.

As a reward for their hardwork, they were awarded funding as part of Envision's "Pitch 4 Change" award, alongside Corporate Mentorship with Jemal Omar of Handelsbanken, an international financial services company. They used the money to produce promotional and advertising materials.

They have spread the word about their project through social media. Click HERE to follow their continuing activities to promote a positive image of young people.