Students help the homeless with their essentials rucksacks

Homeless charity benefit from young peoples generosity

A team of students from St Mary Redcliffe School visited the Crisis Centre in Easton this week to deliver a set of rucksacks full of essential items for people experiencing homelessness.

The rucksacks included toiletries, warm clothing and other useful items such as glow sticks and tin openers. All the items were the result of the students hard work raising money, canvassing local businesses and collecting donated items from family, friends and at school.


The students also sent a personal message to each of the recipient of the rucksacks which said:


We wanted you to know that there are people out there that care for you and I hope that this proves this for you. We have worked hard to give you what you got today and we hope that this will help you in your life in some way or another.

With the economic climate forcing more people onto the streets the team from St Mary Redcliffe were keen to focus their project on doing something to help the homeless. They wanted to do something practical and meaningful so they approached the Crisis Centre to meet with staff and speak with some of the people who use the facilities there.

We wanted to help the homeless because they can become forgotten. Most of us are blessed to have a warm home to go to yet there are plenty out there without this simple part of their lives that we take for granted. I want to at least show them that there are people out there that care and are willing to help.

Khaled De Jesus, 16, Team Member

The Crisis Centre run four projects in Bristol all aimed at providing food and shelter as well as training opportunities for people who are living on the street or are at risk at becoming homeless.

The rucksacks will have such a positive impact on those who receive them'. He plans on undertaking an overnight count of homeless people in the next few weeks and plans to handout the rucksacks then.

Alan Goddard, Wild Goose Centre Manager and who has himself previously experienced homelessness.