A Stitch in Time ....

Envision Team make reusable bags with Bristol Community

This Saturday, the Envision team 'Stitched' from Colston’s Girls School held a workshop at the Harbourside Market in Bristol to show shoppers how to make re-useable bags from old fabric.

With 4 traditional Singer sewing machines the team spent the whole day making the fashionable fabric bags with the public and used the opportunity to talk about environmental waste and how they can have a positive impact on Bristol through using less plastic bags.

It was great to see the number of people stopping, asking questions and getting involved and it shows that we are more conscious than ever of the impact on the environment that our daily choices have. The girls project has been pitched perfectly to raise the awareness of the detrimental effect of the use of plastic bags whilst at the same time providing a simple but effective solution. Thank you for my bag, I will certainly be using it in the future!

Aaron Macauley -Corporate Mentor from Clarke Wilmot

As well as making bags with the public the team distributed do-it-yourself kits so that passerbys could make their bags at home. To help them construct their bags the team have set up a Stitched blog with simple instructions and readymade templates for people to use.

Their busy pitch at the centre of the popular Harbourside shopping area meant the girls were able to engage over 100 people through their activities on the day - despite the sub-zero temperatures!

The girls have lots more activities planned to continue their bid to create a plastic bag free city. They've created a plastic bag exchange at their school and will be holding an eco-fair next weekend which will feature lots more sustainable products that people can use to lessen their environmental impact.