'Shy girl' shouts-out

Envision gets an unexpected 'shout out' from inspiring musician on BBC Asian Radio

Amrit Kaur Lahia didn’t go onto BBC radio to talk about Envision – but we are touched that she did.

Amrit is an awesome musician who was recently invited to perform live on BBC Radio Six. 

In the interview after her performance, she confessed that talking on radio would once have terrified her.

I was a really shy girl and I didn’t have enough confidence in myself.  I knew that I had stuff to say, but I was too scared.  I wouldn’t be able to be on this show. But I was a beneficiary of a youth organisation and they changed my life. They believed in me more than I believed in myself and I felt like I was letting them down if I didn’t try.

Presenter Amol Rajan asked Amrit if she wanted to give this organisation a ‘shout out’ 

You can hear the genuine emotion in Amrit’s voice when she says: 


Yeh – Envision! If you are listening. 

I’m still in contact with those mentors and we still meet up.  They still give me a boost because they remind me how far I’ve come.  I really believe you know that where you’ve come from doesn’t have to determine where you get to.


Amit talked about all the social action she has gone on to do since Envision including with the Holocaust Education Trust and as a Global Youth Ambassador for World at School for whom she has performed in New York.  


I get to meet all these really cool people who are continually inspiring me and enabling me to grow.


If you want to be inspired by Amrit listen to her and her interview and performance (around 2.35) at  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b080tykg#play

or you can listen to her on her sound cloud at https://soundcloud.com/amritklohia/hi-lo