Proving our formula works

Every day we see, first hand, how young people develop through participation in Community-Apprentice. Now we have an opportunity to evidence this for others.

After a successful cohort last term, the second is now under way as of January 2018. However, this time the stakes are raised. We are taking part in a randomised control trial (RCT) to assess the effectiveness of the KS4 programme on improving outcomes for young people. The research project is a collaboration between the Careers and Enterprise Company, the Education Endowment Foundation, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and ourselves. 

So as our new cohort of enthusiastic change makers attend events across Bristol, Birmingham and London, we begin an incredibly exciting opportunity to quantify our impact and show everyone that we have a winning formula. We passionately believe that our balance of business mentoring, personal challenges and social action enables young people to develop essential life skills needed for work and desired by employers. These results could prove crucial in a bid to improve our education system here in the UK, a system that often fails to adequately prepare young people for the real world. 

Sir Peter Lampl, Director of the Education Endowment Foundation said:

Schools and colleges are under more pressure to provide their pupils with a strong ‘life skills’ offering. But there is little evidence available on how to do this well. Through our trial of Envision’s Community-Apprentice, we’ll find out if engaging young people in tackling issues that matter to them motivates them to do better in school and to develop the skills valued by employers.

The findings will put schools in a much better position to say what effective ‘life skills’ education looks like, as well as its knock-on benefits to other outcomes like attainment in school.”