Opinions on youth into art

Envision team turn neighbourhood views into an art piece

Last week the Hampstead School Envision team took to the streets to interview the public on their opinions of young people.

Since coming together through Envision last year the team were all in agreement about the focus of their project; to challenge people's opinions of young people and get them feeling positive about the youth today.

They decided to use art to bring their message of positivity to the community and decided to start by getting out onto the streets to meet the community and find out their views firsthand.

Meeting people face-to-face turned out to be a great opportunity for them share their own views about the community they share as well as being able to respond directly to some common mispercpetions.

The responses they received were varied and revealed a mixture of feelings towards young people. There were lots of positive comments about young people being energetic and full of life. Some were concerned that the government was failing to do enough to support young people.

There were also some negative comments. Some people felt that young people don't respect older people enough and spend too much time on the internet and others said they didn't think young people spend enough time helping other people.

Armed with their responses the team approached a community artist to recruit their help in turning the opinions they'd gathered into an art piece. Working together and using the information, ideas and opinions they had collected on the streets they began to create a sunny cityscape of positive community images featuring people coming together. The art piece has now been installed at their schools and is a colorful and engaging reminder of the positivity that young people bring to their community.