Nick Hurd speaks at Envision launch event

Envision were pleased to welcome Minister for Civil Society, Nick Hurd MP, as a guest speaker at last week’s We Are London event in Westminster.

The event was a chance for the minister to hear firsthand from young people who had participated in the programme last year and to see the positive difference they have been making in their communities.

“I think what Envision are doing is really important and I just wanted to come along and show some support and congratulate the young people who’ve stepped up and said ‘I’d like to get involved'."

Speaking to our youth reporters Sophia Lewis and Mohammed Naheem Ashraf after his address, Nick Hurd explained why he believes Envision is so important. “There are too many negative images and stereotypes about young people. I know from my conversations with young people that they really resent that and it really frustrates them. But the best way of beating that down is by pointing to real people doing real things: young people making a difference and getting involved. That’s a fantastically positive message and that’s why I think the Envision programme is really good.”


The minister went on to describe how Envision Grads, TJ and Rebecca first grabbed his attention at a Westminster event. “About a year ago I went to a presentation with Envision in the House of Parliament where TJ and his team were making a presentation and I thought ‘This is really good’. I didn’t know about Envision before, but I got in touch with them again. We’ve started a relationship and they’re helping us deliver the National Citizen Service.”

After giving his opening address Nick joined attendees in The Issues Cafe where young people, business representatives and politicians were discussing a range of topics including youth unemployment, building employability skills, accessing higher education and negative perceptions of young people. 

His final comments on the event were of encouragement to others considering taking part in the Envision programme. “I just want to say, for anyone who’s thinking about this or whose listening to the presentation in school wondering what it’s all about, this is a chance to get involved and to make a difference to something you care about. I think it will look very good on your CV.  I think it will be a very good experience. But, more importantly of all, it’s a chance to prove to yourself that actually you count, that you can make a difference and that you can be part of a change.  We want more people to feel that, so I think Envision is a very good idea.”