New partnership

Envision has developed a new partnership with Skills Builder to help build a national framework for soft skills.

Whilst there is widespread consensus on the importance of the need to develop soft skills in young people, there has been far less agreement on a shared language and common expectations of what we really mean by the essential skills.  Envision believes that Skills Builder is being effective in building the alliances necessary to tackle this problem. To date, the framework is in 500 schools and uptake is growing fast. It also has strong support from employers and the Careers and Enterprise Company. Envision Head of Programmes and Impact says

we started using the skills framework two years ago in the design of our personal skills challenges which the young people must complete to earn points in our competition. 
This partnership will ensure further development aligns with what is fast becoming a nationally recognised framework helping young people.  It will help our facilitators and schools to use a common language in setting development goals and supporting reflection”.

We also want to use the partnership to help demonstrate how social action can be harnessed to support skills development.  Chanel explains

We look forward to collaborating with Skillsbuilder to develop ‘activity bites’ which other adult facilitators beyond Envision can apply to social action projects to focus development outcomes for young people”.