Meet the new Envision Coaches

Our new intake of recent graduates explain what they hope to achieve in their 'service year' coaching young people

Every year we take on a cohort of recent graduates who give us what is effectively a service year to deliver our programmes in schools.  They have all been chosen by young people, who have recently completed our programme, for their ability to be inspiring role models. Over the summer we’ve been equipping them the practical skills they need to be great coaches and facilitators.  Now they’re ready to empower young people to set and achieve their goals.

Introducing... Lara Bracey

What were you doing before you joined Envision?

I was working for East Riding of Yorkshire Council - an admin role which supported adult care services.

Why did you want to join Envision?

I wanted something challenging and rewarding. I wanted to work with young people for a charity. Plus, I wanted a new adventure, like moving down to London! I'm also very interested in education and love that Envision addresses some of the issues in the education system.

What does success at the end of this year look like?

Seeing the impact of the programme on the young people. I can already see their motivation and look forward to seeing what they can achieve and how much they will improve their confidence in their abilities.

Introducing... Miriam Stevens

What were you doing before you joined Envision?

I studied at University of Liverpool, completing a Master of Maths degree. Whilst studying, I worked as a Maths Outreach Assistant, travelling to schools sharing interactive Maths puzzles with young people of varying ages.

Why did you want to join Envision?

I had this a gut feeling that I wanted to work with young people. Having been in the Envision programme myself, I know how transformative it can be for the young people. When I saw the position, I had to apply!

What do you think will be your biggest challenge here at Envision?

I think my biggest challenge will be to inject creativity into every session, but with so many fab minds to work alongside they’ve always got an idea up their sleeves.

Introducing... Naomi Amoatin

Why did you want to join Envision?

What interested me in Envision was that it gave young people the opportunity to give back to their local community, whilst equipping them with the skills they need for the future. It also gave me the chance to develop my leadership skills.

What impact can Envision make?

The experience that young people have on the Envision programme allows them to make a real change in their local area. For many of these students this would not be possible without the programme.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

Hopefully I will have moved out of my family home and potentially beginning a career in social work.