#Iwill: Our community pledges their commitment to youth social action

This week marks the first anniversary of the I Will Campaign (formerly Step Up To Serve), the national youth social action campaign supported by HRH The Prince of Wales and the three main political leaders.

Read all about when we were invited to the launch at Buckingham Palace last November here.

The campaign asks people to make an ‘I will’ declaration; one thing that they pledge to do to support youth social action. Envision has pledged to get more corporate volunteers (4,000 to be precise) on board supporting our young people in schools, and so we invited our existing corporate coaches to make their pledge as well. 

Our corporate volunteering programme is something we are extremely proud of. It helps young people develop and understand the skills they'll need for the workplace, as well as energising corporate workforces with the idealism and enthusiasm of our young people. 

The film above documents the pledges that our corporate volunteers came back with, together with pledges from other members of our community, like our students and teachers.

If you would like to pledge to support Envision's programme in some way in celebration of the I Will Campaign's anniversary, please email us, or click here to check out opportunities to get involved.