Inspiring prize

Social change company, Shape History, offered an inspiring prize for the winners of the first inter-school challenge in this year's London Community-Apprentice programme: The Film Challenge

For this challenge young people have to work as a team, against a tight schedule, to produce a two-minute film, in a single take, communicating why their chosen issue matters.

Team Cyber Damage from Paddington Academy, who are running a campaign on the dangers of cyberbullying, won a mentoring session with experienced changemakers from Shape History to help them to take their campaign to the next level.

Shape History chose the team as the “clear winner” from the short-list of six films  because they were impressed with its coherent message and creative delivery, two aspects they believe to be key in creating an emotive, issue video.

On Thursday 1st March Lauren and Lewis, who create and organise social action campaigns with global resonance, sat down with Team Cyber Damage to inspire and advise them how to propel their own project forward.

During the session, the young people were shown inspiring examples of other young people taking action worldwide. They were taught models and strategies for social change such as, ‘Emote, Educate, Action’. They then discussed their own project in more detail, and the positive steps they can take to optimize their impact.

The team left the session with renewed vigour and commitment to action. Lauren and Lewis were incredibly impressed with the passion and ability of the team and verified their changemaking credentials.

Many thanks to Shape History for the all your advice and guidance. Congratulations to Team Cyber Damage and good luck with completing the rest of your project!