Human Sized Cigarette Brings Change To A College

The Legacy Champions team at Leyton College took advantage of National Smoking Week at their college by raising awareness of the issue of smoking by holding a 3-day anti-smoking campaign.

With support from the NHS, the team organised a stall outside their college for the 3-days, providing helpful material on how to quit as well as highlighting the negative effects smoking can have on people and those around them.

To make sure this wasn't just any old campaign, but one to remember, the team used a human sized cigarette to as a great way to grab attention. The costume became so popular that students were queuing up to take pictures! 

The team also used a human sized dummy with inflatable lungs to help show people how the body was affected by breathing smoke.

The team are now moving into phase 2 of their project, which involves going to local schools and putting on a presentation (along with Mr Cigarette of course) further spreading the teams message to a younger audience in a bid to discourage them from considering taking up smoking.