Green-Fingered students get digging

When the team from Mangotsfield School began researching different environmental issues they were surprised at the lack of awareness and understanding local people and students had about their own environment and in particular, conservation issues.

Proud of Bristol’s green credentials and passionate about the environment the team decided they wanted to help improve people's understanding of what conservation means and how relevant it is to our day-to-day lives. They chose to do this by creating their own conservation garden in their school as a way to encourage and inspire young people to get more actively involved with environmental issues. 

As part of the Envision programme the team were matched with corporate mentors ERM, who provided them with expert advice on project planning and finance management as well as specialist knowledge about environmental issues and conservation gardens. 

Despite frozen soil and freezing temperatures in early January, the Mangotsfield team got digging and created the school's first conservation garden! The team utilised the knowledge and expertise from ERM to select perennials and plants that would best suit the local environment and sourced such resources from local nursery, Chew Valley Trees. The team also received support from local organisation - The Avon Wildlife Trust - who constructed bird boxes with the team, to help encourage local bird life to nest in their garden. 

The garden is now fully established in the school and is currently being used by teachers within various departments’ curriculums. The team hopes that this garden will provide the school with a strong legacy from which students will become more actively engaged in environmental issues year on year!

It was a great project to be involved with and we know it will be used into the future. When we leave the school in a couple of year's time it will be future pupils looking after it and learning about the environment!

Chris Green 16, Envision Team Member