Glittering Graduation Ceremony

Winners of Community-Apprentice 2016 were announced at a graduation ceremony where young people and guests sparkled brighter than the chandeliers at Fishmongers Hall.

Tideway pushed the boat out to make this year’s London graduation a truly memorable event for our young people and those who have supported them. Held in the glittering surroundings of the Fishmongers' Hall, the gilded portraits and crystal chandeliers provided an awe inspiring setting for young people from across London, including some very disadvantaged estates. 

Graduates aptly demonstrated their confidence and networking skills mingling with business representatives at the reception in advance of the award ceremony. 

Representatives from our business partners presented awards to those teams which most exemplified specific skills in the Envision curriculum, including team-working, problem solving, organisation, communication, empathy and leadership.

The biggest award of the night was reserved for the winners of this year’s Community-Apprentice, Food Fighters from St Mary Magdelene Academy, who were mentored by Baringa Partners.

Director of External Affairs for Tideway, Phil Stride,was keen to impress on young people that they were all winners.  Addressing young people at the event he said:


You are all winners on two counts.  Firstly for the difference you have made – collectively – to some really topical and important issues affecting people in your communities. Seeing you all here tonight and hearing about the impact you have had through your many different projects has really shown me that young people are a force for good.  Us adults need to recognise that and do all we can to support the kind of action you have taken.

Many people complain about the problems they see around them.  They think that ‘somebody’ should do something about it.  You are that ‘somebody’.  That makes you ‘somebody’ different. It makes you ‘somebody’ special.  It makes also means you are just the sort of ‘somebody’ employers really want to hire, which brings me to the second reason why you are all winners.  You have all proven that you have what it takes to come up with an idea and make it happen.  Never underestimate how valuable that is to an employer.