Film challenges negative stereotypes of homelessness

What it's like living on the street

The Envision team from St Mary Redcliffe School took a bold approach to tackling one of the problems faced by the homeless; the negative perceptions and attitudes that they face on the streets every day.

To get an idea of the kind of percpetions people held on the issue they interviewed friends and family to ask them their opinions on homelessness and how they thought people became homeless. They found that many perceptions people held where far from the reality of how many people come to find themselves homeless and how they force themselves to manage.

To find out more about the hardship of living on the streets the team made contact with local charity 1625 Independent People who offer a range of support services for young people aged 16-24 experiencing housing issues. Through 1625 Independent People the team were able to meet and talk with many young people who had experienced homelessness and the challenges and barriers that they faced.

They were so moved by the stories they heard that they decided to make a film to share their experience to a wider audience. The film would challenge the misconceptions they'd identified in their survey and give people a true picture of what life on the streets is actually like.


“This collaboration has demonstrated that given the opportunity, young people from very different backgrounds can work together successfully and educate other young people about important issues”

Christine Townsend, 16-25 Independent People

The team premiered their film at a special viewing at school which they delivered with a presentation to tell people how they can help and what services are available to those who need it. Students showed the film at the offices of the 16-25 Independent People where it was very well received. The team at 16-25 now plan use the video in peer education sessions they run as a teaching tool in schools across Bristol.