Envision students join the fight against cancer

Team attends Diwali event to support Cancer Research UK

Envision team 'C.A.R.E.S' (CAncer REsearch and Support) have decided to raise funds and awareness for charities tackling cancer.

After researching the issue, the team found that ethnic minority groups in Birmingham have a relatively low detetction rate for curable forms of cancer. Spreading the message about the importance of regular check ups can save people's lives.

They identified the Diwali celebrations hosted by Birmingham City Council as a perfect starting point for their project. They held a stall advertising Cancer Research UK after independently organising publicity materials and liaising with event managers.

The team managed to raise over £65 for the cause and interacted with 100 members of the public.

This was the students' first foray into youth-led social action. They made the most of the opportunity to spread the message and help a worthy cause.

They were also able to make useful contacts at Birmingham City Council and within Birmingham's South Asian community. 

The C.A.R.E.S team are already making plans to use this early exposure to publicise their fundraising activities and make a difference in the New Year.