Envision students fight food poverty in Birmingham

Teams volunteer at a supermarket to raise donations for local foodbank

Envision students spent their free time raising food donations from the public to support some of Birmingham's most vulnerable families. They helped to collect 384kg of food to stock the shelves at Aston-Nechells Foodbank by working in teams with other volunteers.

In 2012-13, foodbanks fed nearly 350,000 people across the UK. This figure includes 127,000 children. Rising costs of fuel and food, alongside high levels of unemployment in Birmingham, are causing more and more people to come to foodbanks for support.

Food poverty can be a hidden problem with families going hungry for reasons ranging from an unexpected bill or a period of unemployment. After learning about the plight of people in their local area, this group of young people decided to make a difference. They all came away from the experience with a greater appreciation of how we can come together to support people in crisis.

It's upsetting to know that we are living amongst people in need, but I'm very proud to be a part of a community that shows so much consideration towards others.     Misbah Komal, Aston Manor Academy

It was pleasing to see just how generous the people of Aston are, despite the fact that many may be struggling to support themselves and their families.                     David Padiachy, King Edward VI Aston School for Boys

The young people who took part in the collection are working on different Envision projects ranging from challenging negative stereotypes to promoting healthy eating in the local area. Working with Aston-Nechells foodbank gave them a taste of grassroots community action which they will use to create impactful projects.

Students at Aston Manor Academy are holding bake-sales to raise donations for Trussell Trust foodbanks and raising awareness of the issue through assemblies. They have already raised nearly £100 and used the half-term break to plan more fundraising activities. Team Slimline from King Edward VI Aston School for Boys are spreading the message about healthy living to primary and secondary schools throughout North-West Birmingham. Team Impressions used this opportunity to show that young people are motivated to make a difference in their communities.