Envision students celebrate diversity in a week of events

A team of students from Pimlico Academy got together recently to hold a week of events at their school to celebrate diversity. The students felt a sense of pride because of how culturally diverse their school is, but they felt that this needed to be shared and celebrated with all of the students.

The team were concerned with the “lack of tolerance of diversity in their community” particularly amongst young people. Different groups often face some form of discrimination and this can lead to name-calling, social exclusion, feeling uncomfortable in the local area and becoming apathetic towards others.

They decided that something needed to change. And so, Diversity Week was created. Team Diversity Week created a week-long celebration of five different topics; sexuality, gender, disability, age and culture. Equipped with funding from Pitch4Change, the students set out to create an engaging experience for pupils at their schools. The week included cake sales, a fashion show, music, a football match, a buffet lunch and much more.

To publicise their event the Diversity week team set up a Facebook page. To further increase their impact the team decided to send out ‘Facts of the Day’ over a tannoy at their school, which reached around 2,000 students per day.

Ms Butterworth, Pimlico Academy Post-16 Administrator, said:

I was so impressed with the full dedication and thoughtfulness of the whole week. It opened up discussions between students who never would have normally considered it important to discuss such things; it showcased the courage and care of our own Sixth Form, and spread knowledge and education throughout their peers.

After a week of exciting events, Team Diversity Week managed to fundraise £217 which they have decided to donate to Diversity Role Models. Diversity Role Models is a charity that aims to create a world where young people can live, learn and grow, regardless of issues relating to gender and sexuality.

Akian Galali, Pimlico Academy student, said:

Envision is an amazing programme to get involved in. It is challenging in a way that made me use skills I didn’t think I had. Most importantly, it was an incredibly fun experience which is why I would recommend it to everyone.