Envision Grads say 'Welcome to Birmingham!'

Envision Grads welcome commuters to Birmingham City Centre!

Birmingham is officially the youngest city in Europe – with under-25s accounting for almost 40% of the population. A fact few people know but one the city should be very proud of. With this in mind, a group of Envision Grads took to the streets of Birmingham, alongside one of Britains busiest train lines, holding a giant banner welcoming commuters and encouraging the public to get involved in the debate around perceptions of young people.

I’m really proud to be young and from Brum! When we found out that Birmingham was the youngest city in Europe we wanted to tell as many people as possible and also show that Brummies have a great sense of humour!

Isobel Jones, 17, Envision Grad

As part of The Co-operative funded Truth about Youth campaign, the young people spent the morning creating eye-catching art work and banners with their own messages, displaying positive stats about young people and their experiences.They then headed to Millennium Point which is overlooked by trains coming in and out of the city. The group spent 3 hours catching the attention of surprised train travellers and encouraging them to share their photos and perceptions of young people on Facebook and Twitter using #TruthaboutYouth. 

People on the trains looked really surprised to see young people giving them a warm welcome, but duly waved back and sent messages of support on social networks. It was a great first view of the city and we hope the good vibes carried on throughout their day in Birmingham.

Carys Evans, Envision Co-ordinator

Next month Envision Birmingham will be celebrating the achievements of all the hundreds of young people who've been invovled in Truth about Youth this year at glitzy award ceremony at Edgbaston Cricket Club.